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What to do During Volatility

The major U.S. indices are now at a loss for the year after Monday’s sharp slide. The current quarter had been at a profit, but because of the news coming out of Europe, all of these were erased, and analysts are now saying that the U.S. economy is at a “make it or break it” point. What this basically means is that consumer confidence hinges on what will happen over the next few days. It’s not necessarily a logical thing, but it does indicate just how psychologically dependent the markets are for their success. When people are confident, they invest. When they are not, they don’t. This happens in all areas, in all assets, the vast majority of the time.

At a time like this, investors should stay out of the market. There is likely going to be more bad news out of Europe, and specifically Greece, over the next few days, and this will have an impact on other economies. History shows us that these types of immediate reactions are seldom good. Even technical data, which shows that indices are hovering around their 200 day moving average, say that this isn’t a horrible time to put your money into the market. But, sentimental history says otherwise. Right now, this is something that takes a higher precedence, just because of the severity of the situation.

Fundamental data shows that indices will likely be going up. Index futures are high right now. While the S&P 500 fell by 2.1 percent on Monday’s trading, the futures that are currently selling the morning after are up about 0.7 percent. That’s just a few hours later, when emotions are still running high. The bottom line is, while it’s likely that one year from now indices will be back up to where they should be, the current moment is too risky. That is, unless you have an alternative way to put your money into the market.

Selling stocks and ETFs short is a choice, as are binary options. What many people need right now is flexibility. As the markets shift to bow under consumer pressure, you should be looking for something that allows you to place your money in a way that will create a profit no matter which direction the market is flowing. This is why many people use binary options; they allow you to take trades out for very small periods of time, making them perfect during times of market uncertainty. You can use technical indicators to measure small bits and pieces of movement and then work from there. A 200 day moving average is far too long in these cases. Instead, you will want something that can dissect what is happening over the course of an hour or so, and then take a step back on your own to see how these indicators fit in with the general long term and reactionary state of the markets. This is something that can and should be applied to indices, but also to individual stock and even commodities and currency pairs. While most people are looking at what’s happening right now in the news, enough are analyzing these tiny opportunities to find small profits here and there.

The problem is that this is risky, and smaller sized traders simply can’t do it without a high risk of going broke. Again, binaries let you make worthwhile profits off of small amounts thanks to fixed returns. When the current state of the markets is too volatile to make anything worthwhile in the normal methods, binary options allow you to take a different approach and still see your money grow.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot