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What About the Weekends

Weekend TradingAfter a long week of trading whether you were profitable or not, Saturday will show up asking you what to do. For a normal person we recommend you recharge the batteries and rest before Sunday night. If you are a die hard kind of trader there are a few things you can do to occupy your time when the markets are closed. All live trading is closed for the weekend, so don’t think this is one of your options. We’ll talk about a few different things below that may help you make better decisions in the future. Remember, unplugging is not a bad thing as a trader.

Tip of the Day – Spend the time scrolling charts using time frames you are familiar with.

Besides live trading of course, there are a couple of important things you can do on a weekend or when the markets are closed. The number one thing you should do is go through all the trades you took that week. Win or Lose, which trades were the best, had nice setups, failed and so on. What you are looking for here are the trades that followed your rules or not. If you find a pattern you can then eliminate this issue from your daily trading. Removing the leaks can have huge outcome by the end of the week.

One by one, go through each Binary trade on the chart. Figure out why you got in that transaction, what happened during that trade, and dissect what would have been a better decision. Sometimes knowing not to take that trade because it didn’t have enough working for it would be enough. This could save you tons of money in the long run. Seek out the good trades and write down all the items that benefited this trade into working. If you see a similar pattern to this in the future you can then take it again. Whether you are trading Forex or Binaries, going through all your trades after they are complete is a good thing to work on during the weekend.

Although you may have a solid strategy in place on the binary options market, you should always be thinking about other ways to trade. A strategy may work in the summer, but not the winter or it may not work on all assets. Researching new and improved strategies will keep you busy for a long time. Just make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in to finding the Holy Grail. A lot of traders fail just because they are looking for that one strategy that never loses.

How do you research strategies? This is pretty simple at first. You can just look through some forums, indicators or anything related to trading. After you have some ideas to work with you can take this information to charting package that will help you determine the outcomes. You can spend many hours researching back data. Just make sure if you find something you like, be sure to forward test it as well. This means you will want to see if it will work on a live chart going forward. You can trade it on a demo account as you work with your real money platform with your current working strategies.

To bring it altoghether, you should consider the weekend as a time away from the markets. As traders we are always seeking our next trade. These days off are a good time to find out what has worked, hasn’t worked and what may work in the future. Putting in the hard work will make the emotional side of trading a lot easier as well. Stick with your systems and keep working to improve. Don’t force new strategies on yourself, but let the weekend help become a better binary options trader.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot