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Weather Related Trading Opportunities

Trading the RainFailure to overlook the impact that adverse weather can have on asset values can be a costly mistake when trading binary options. Over time, you’re going to discover plenty of opportunities which are related to adverse weather. While commodities tend to be the asset class which is impacted most, it certainly isn’t the only one. Below we’ll spend some time examining the various easy profit opportunities which can come from foul weather.

All types of weather can impact certain assets. Ominous skies can be related to bad storms, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. However, those are not the only conditions which can wreak havoc. For example, lack of rain can bring on drought conditions which can be just as damaging, or freezing conditions which can also cause harm. It may be possible to enter into a number of different trades whenever any of these conditions are influencing market conditions.

Connecting these types of conditions with specific assets isn’t difficult. In many instances it’s going to be easy to directly link an asset to specific weather conditions. For example, consider the stock of a company which produces orange juice. If freezing conditions cause massive damage to orange crops, then you know that the stock is going to be impacted in some manner. Other examples include wheat, coffee, and corn. Non-food assets can also be impacted. One example here would be crude oil. A quick check of world news could easily tell you which contracts to purchase.

The news and media reports are going to be your go-to source when seeking easy profit opportunities. It’s not that technical analysis becomes irrelevant, but it is going to come second, after the opportunity has been identified. It is possible that asset prices could begin to move quickly and drastically just after a weather disaster, so you fast action may be required. When prices are trending in either direction, Making Good Trades or One Touch trades. These can be paired with the expiry time you feel is most appropriate. Do steer clear of instruments which need more stable pricing – like No Touch, Boundary, or Range.

As mentioned above, technical analysis is also needed. This secondary analysis will be used to confirm that the weather-related event has indeed caused a shift in asset price(s) that may provide profits when traded upon. Be on the lookout for trends, the clearest and easiest of all types of price action to cash in on. Weather-related price movements typically last for an extended period of time, but do watch for the initial strong push in price as investors process the event and begin to take action.

In truth, weather related opportunities can be massively profitable if you take proper advantage of them. Not only might you be able to use larger investment amounts in exchange for larger profits, you may also be able to bump up your trade volume and profit multiple times. So the next time you’re searching for market sentiment related opportunities, check the weather. You just might discover one or more quick and profitable binary options trades.

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