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Using the Dual Indicator Strategy on the EURUSD

Take some Risk Free TradesWhen trading binary options, traders often opt to trade with the EUR/USD currency pair. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of this asset is the liquidity it presents. This pair is actively bought or sold throughout each day. As a result of this extremely high daily trade volume, the chance to profit from these ongoing price movements forever exists. Consequently, it is a good idea to have a number of strategies that can be utilized when trading the pair.

You should experience no troubles with being able to access the EUR/USD pair inside of your chosen trading platform, as nearly all brokers offer it. The pair will likely be made available with all of the provided instrument types, including both standard and high-yield contracts. It may also be paired with elective features such as trade extension, trade duplication, and the sell option tool which allows traders to close contracts early.

The strategy provided below involves the utilization of thirty minute technical price charts, alongside the MACD and Parabolic SAR indicators. Most broker do not provide advanced charts that would include these indicators, so you’re likely going to need to download or access them on your own. Most traders use MetaTrader (MT4 for short). This can be downloaded from various sources online, including directly from a Forex broker. There should be no cost to do this.

MACD indicators have been used by traders for many years. For the purpose of trading binary options, the MACD is used to recognize changes in the direction of price movement, and can also provide detailed information about a price trend. Parabolic SAR pairs well with MACD, because it can be used for pinpointing the best possible entry and exit points. Essentially, if the asset price shifts below this indicator, you go short. When the price moves above the indicator, go long.

If you’d like to determine that the EUR/USD pair is becoming bullish, watch for the pair to trade above the Parabolic SAR, while the MACD to changes from negative to positive. The reverse will signify bearish conditions, with the pair trading below the Parabolic SAR, while the MACD changes from positive to negative. Once you have determined the general condition of the price movement within the market, you’ll be able to make a more accurate prediction of the upcoming movement.

It is of course possible to use the standard Put/Call trade type, but this strategy will also work well with One Touch or No Touch contracts. These instruments only require you to consider whether or not the asset price will (or will not in the case of No Touch), touch or exceed the target price while the contract is open. For Touch, identify the resistance level and then consider the strike price. The entry price should be less than the resistance level to provide the best odds of a “touch” taking place. For No Touch, identify the support level and then enter when the price is solidly under that level. This strategy if for bullish conditions, so reverse for trading under bearish conditions.

Trading with the EUR/USD currency pair can be both exciting and profitable. This pair has made many a trader lots of money over the years, as its movements can be significant. The aforementioned strategies have been well-tested, but will need to be used correctly in order to derive the most benefit. This rule applies to all binary options strategies, regardless of the steps involved.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot