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Trading Call Options Only

If you are new to trading, no matter which market, it’s best to stick with one direction. In most cases you can trade an asset in both a long direction or short.

Long Trade (Buy) – Hoping for the price to go up.
Short Trade (Sell) – Hoping for the price to go down.

The old saying of buy low – sell high comes into play here. You don’t have to be in the market to sell the asset you are trading. You are actually borrowing against the other side for your condition to be realized. If you were to short Apple stock you would be selling (borrowing) shares from the broker at the high of the stock price and then buy them back when price moves in your direction.

In binary options you aren’t acutally borrowing anything. You are just hoping the price will go down from where you entered. If it closes in favor when the expiration closes, you make money. Trading binaries is pretty simple, but knowing how is the hard part.

Now that you know what selling short is, we recommend you don’t do it until you are truly ready. You should be seeking long trades or call options. If price is way up on the day you would want to wait for price to pull back so you can make your call option. There is no need to force put options when starting out. You want to see how price does moving in one direction. For now seek for the upward movement.

Following the Trend
Of course if the trend is way down it may limit your entry points. However, if you watch enough assets you will almost always find trade setups with a northern trend. Once you have become comfortable trading with an up trend you can start trading the other direction. When looking at the trend it it best to look at not only the current days trend, but the overall weekly trend as well. This will help you make even better decisions on your trades.

How Do you Determine the Trend?
The trend can be determined in a couple of ways. One being where the price is at based on the previous days close. If price is above that price, the trend is up. If the price is below yesterdays close then the price trend is down. You can also look at Moving Averages. If price is above a certain MA, then the trend is up and below the price is in a down trend.

Now that you have the trend confirmed you only want to take the trades that follow the trend. In this case, we only want to find trades that are moving up. This will simplify your trading and keep you out of trades that may get you into trouble.

Once you are completely read to trade put options then trading will then have a lot more decisions to be made. When getting started, the less information you need to digest the better you will be. Better trades will be made in the long run.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot