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Using RVI on Recent EUR/USD Moves

As any short term trader knows, using technical indicators is a must if you want to be successful. There are other considerations that you want to take into account, though, but in the end, the thing that triggers a trade should rely on technical information. When trading the EUR/USD over the coming week, know that while the market is pulling the asset upward in price, each individual entry and exit point, or beginning point and expiry if you are focusing on binary options, should be determined by the technical data that you have at hand.

Using the InformationThe euro is being buoyed right now because of a weakening U.S. dollar. Over the past month, the pair has risen from about 1.1366 to 1.1406. During that time, the price spiked up above 1.155 for a brief time. However, weak economic data coming from the U.S. is likely to keep the dollar weak, and this means that although the price has dropped over the past couple weeks since hitting that high point, the euro is still stronger than the dollar, and your trades should take this into account. [Read more…]

Lessons from Bearish Funds

Recently, the financial magazine Kiplinger released a report of the five best places to put your money during a bear market. These included five different mutual funds, all with a focus on low fees and small yet steady gains. One specialized in dividends, one on cash markets, another on the healthcare sector. These reveal specific models of thinking, and can be helpful for traders to consider.

The Bear Market FundsWhen it comes to short term trading, mutual funds have no use whatsoever, even the low cost ones like those featured by Kiplinger. Low costs are great, but mutual funds focus on long term growth, so the positions are not optimized for someone with a focus of less than a year for their holdings. [Read more…]

Making Money On Gold Mines

The decline of gold mining stocks has finally neared its end. Following a simple law of syllogism, we can see that gold mines are about to come back into prominence as a growth stock. First, look at what’s happening with central banks all over the world. They are struggling to help economies stabilize, and this goes for pretty much every major country. The U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, and the Bank of Japan are all in flux right now, trying to adjust interest rates to help their specific economies find some traction and help growth resume. This has led to a lack of stability in both currencies and in sovereign bonds. When this occurs, long term investors with a focus on staying active find a place to compensate for the lack of profits, and gold is the typical go to choice. When the price of gold goes up, gold mines see higher profits. This chain of events has led to the forecast for gold mine stocks becoming far more favorable. [Read more…]

Use the Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the most well known gambling methods in the world, so we have decided to evaluate its usefulness when it comes to binary options trading. It’s a very simple theory, actually, and that’s a large part of its appeal. You start with a minimum wager or risk amount, and then if you lose, you double that on your next attempt. Every time you lose, you double again. Once you have a successful wager, then you reset back to the minimum. If this is done right, in theory you should find that you churn out a small but consistent profit over the course of time. This is more of a money management system than it is a trading strategy, but it does blur the lines a bit in this respect.
Trading comes with Risks

How to Use It?

Let’s look at how the Martingale works in real life binary options trading. Let’s say you want to trade the euro/U.S. dollar currency pair and have a good read on what the market is doing for this. [Read more…]

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot