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Pound Sterling In Precarious Position

What is going to happen to the Pound Sterling?One of the top things to look out for over the coming weeks in the world of Forex trading is the relationship between the British pound sterling and the euro. Those in positions of authority with the pound have stated that there is a strong potential for a currency “shock” to occur within the next week or so, and this could lead to a profound drop in the pound’s strength against major currencies. The euro is a prime candidate for which currency that shock will be felt hardest against, and as such, this is a pair that has had a lot of our attention devoted to recently. [Read more…]

Lessons from Bearish Funds

Recently, the financial magazine Kiplinger released a report of the five best places to put your money during a bear market. These included five different mutual funds, all with a focus on low fees and small yet steady gains. One specialized in dividends, one on cash markets, another on the healthcare sector. These reveal specific models of thinking, and can be helpful for traders to consider.

The Bear Market FundsWhen it comes to short term trading, mutual funds have no use whatsoever, even the low cost ones like those featured by Kiplinger. Low costs are great, but mutual funds focus on long term growth, so the positions are not optimized for someone with a focus of less than a year for their holdings. [Read more…]

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot