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Risk Management as a Binary Trader

All forms of financial investment require some form of risk management, and binary options trading is certainly no exception. Those who start to trade without some type of investment plan in place are much more likely to experience problems than those who start their trading career with a plan in place. The good news is that a very simple percentage-based investment strategy can be used to limit loss amounts while growing your profits.
Taking on the Risk
The most common method for risk management is to decide upon a percentage of total account funds for each trade. The most commonly used percentage is 5%. This means that if your trading account balance is $1,000 at the time of your next trade, the investment amount would need to be $50. Now, if that trade finishes in the money and a profit is earned, your account balance would increase and so would your next investment amount. If the trade is a loss, your account balance goes down and so too does your next investment amount.

The great thing about such a strategy is that it works automatically, going into account protection mode when a loss occurs, while compounding profits when a profit is earned. The only action required on the part of the trader is some basic math. However, do keep in mind that some binary options brokers do have specific minimum investment amounts in place. In some cases, small adjustments may need to be made in order to meet these requirements.

The aforementioned 5% level is just one of many options. Novice traders may opt for lower percentages of 2-3%, while seasoned traders may opt for percentages of 10-15%. The decision should absolutely be based upon your personal level of experience, as well as your appetite for risk. Note that adjustments to your personal investment rate can be modified as you go along. However, beware of greed, which has been the downfall of many traders who have experienced some success and the proceeded to trade without regard to risk.

There are other financial risk management options to consider as well, such as always investing the exact same amount. For those who are not willing to take on much risk, low investment amounts can be opted for at all times. The decision to go this route will obviously result in slower profit growth in most cases. However, when a steadily high rate of winning trades has been achieved, an increased level of trade volume can provide plenty of earnings in less time. Many brokers now allow traders to commit investment sums of $5 to $10, which makes this strategy a viable option.

There is more to trading than just trading. Financial risk management is indeed the other side of the coin and must be taken into consideration at all times. Even the simplest of plans can help prevent costly mistakes. The two strategies mentioned above are not the only options. Feel free to create a personal plan that works for you. No two binary options traders are the same, and each much choose their own path to success.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot