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Multi-Profit 60 Seconds Binary Options Strategy

Most binary options trading platforms now include the 60 Seconds trade types. The title of this trade type actually refers to the expiry time period, with that being one minute. The trade itself works exactly the same as the basic Put/Call trade, the only different is the expiry time itself. Some brokers now offer 30 second and 120 second expiry times as well, and in doing so provide traders with plenty of fast-trading opportunities.
Short Term Trades
What this binary options strategy aims to do is to allow you to profit not just once from 60 Seconds trades, but a number of times within a very short time frame. The key to accomplishing this with a high degree of success? You guessed it. Trading along with a price trend. Asset price trends always have been and always will be the most profitable type of price action. The good news is that trends, especially short-term trends, occur with a number of different assets on a daily basis.

In order to trade with the trend, you must first find the trend. There are two really simple tools that can assist you with this: market news and a standard price movement chart. Advanced level traders may want to use more complex charting packages for this task, but if you’re new to trading binary options you can start out by using the price chart that is provided within your broker’s platform. This chart should allow you to see both the current and past price movement for any selected asset.

Start by visiting one or more financial news websites. The top stories of the day are always going to be on the main page, so compare these with the assets that are available within the asset index of the platform you trade within. Check to see if the recent report has launched the asset price into a trend (either up or down). If so, enter into a 60 Seconds binary options trade, trading in the same direction as the trend. If the trend is strong, you should be able to complete a number of profitable trades, even if you lose a few due to small pullbacks.

It’s important to know when to stop and move on to other opportunities. Pullbacks are quite common and do not always indicate a total reversal in price direction. However, should you note steady movement against the trend, a reversal has occurred. At this point you could choose to start trading in the new direction as the asset price makes its way back to its average price level. Exercise caution should you start to notice lots of volatility and be prepared to move on to other trades if the price direction becomes too hard to predict.

The creation of super-short expiry times has helped many who trade binary options to earn more. These brief trade periods allow traders to cash in on short term price movements, eliminating many of the losses that could otherwise come from lengthier trading period. Short expiry times are not always the right choice, but when market conditions dictate, they offer up the chance to have several trades finish in the money within a very short period of time.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot