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Major News Items

Three major events will be happening this week, all of which have the potential to sway stock and currency process within the United States. These include the release of December Fed meeting minutes, services sector data, and December jobs data. Of these three, the employment numbers will have the biggest impact upon stocks and the indices that measure their health.

In November, the jobs numbers were much better than expected, and this led to a great December for the stock market. The numbers for last month are not projected to be quite as high as the month before, but experts agree that there should have been more than 200,000 jobs added to the economy, or about 100,000 jobs less than November. The number is to be released on Friday, January 9th.

After such a stunning month, it will be nice to see another month of goals being exceeded, but as long as they are just simply met, it’s likely that there will be a big jump in index prices, especially with the S&P 500. This should drive unemployment down from 5.8 percent to 5.7 percent, which indicates that more money is being pumped into the economy.

Short term approaches to index trading can be extremely profitable in cases like this. Sometimes, though, index funds can be costly to buy and sell because of broker fees and commissions. There’s no “free” way of trading, but binary options do offer you an extremely low cost way to profit off of dips and rises in the asset’s price. In fact, you really will only be giving a binary options broker money if you are incorrect in your predictions. If you are always correct, you will never pay the broker a penny. This, of course, will not happen, but it is how this type of trading works in theory.

Watching the service sector info will be interesting, too, especially when you consider the fact that increases in this sector have the potential to lead to increases in the overall jobs numbers, too. So, if this sector does well, you can poise yourself to take advantage of several different assets next week by focusing on individual companies, and the indices that measure them. This is one of the most powerful parts of trading big news items like this; you can leverage the data to help you make money on many fronts. It is an easy way to make sure that all of your eggs are not in one basket. This is often called diversification in the finance industry, and it is just one more thing that you should be doing to keep your cash protected. Binaries have the potential for big profits when you’re right, but when you’re wrong, there is the potential for big losses. Just be cautious of this, have a solid trading strategy, and you should be fine.

Timeframes matter here when you are using binaries. Short term trades are a given, but how short should you go? A 60 second trade has the potential to give big returns because you can use so many of them, but their returns are typically lower than average, and they are too unpredictable in outcome to be used with accuracy in this particular case. Instead, focus on things like 15 and 30 minute trades to ensure that you are hitting the overall trends that are created by the announcements this week. Finally, make sure that you are getting your information in as timely a manner as possible so you don’t miss opportunities. Have an economic calendar and a streaming service so that you get info as soon as possible.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot