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How to be Disciplined with Your Trading

Don't Strike out SwingingYou wake up everyday thinking the big trade is coming. Instead, what you should be thinking about is how you’re not going to put extra risk out there. Seeking the home run is asking for your binary account to get blown. Yes, sometimes the big trades work. However, wouldn’t you rather hit singles all day and get on base. Striking out hurts. If you strike out too many times it will be the end of your trading career. It doesn’t take long to destroy your account. Remember, you are in this for the long term so you must stay patient and be super disciplined.

Here are a few rules that may help you not only stay in the game longer, but also make some money trading.

Rule #1 – Staying out of the Market
You are are ready to start trading, but you notice price action is just sitting there. What do you do? Watch the paint dry on the screen? YES. You keep watching the market or markets depending on what you are trading. You need to pick winners not just trades. If you are looking for this kind of action head out to Vegas. You may lose a little less. What we are saying is, don’t trade when conditions favor the house. This type of forced trading is a waste of time and money. Stay out when conditions are below favorable. Too many traders see the dollar figures. Bad Idea.

Rule #2 – Trade the Best Trades
All of these rules have the same tone. This one is about finding the best trade available. While you’re sitting out of the market you are still waiting for the best trade. These will go hand and hand. No Trade or the Best Trade. Pretty simple rule to help increase your account and avoid disappointment.

Rule #3 – Look at Longer Time Frames
If you aren’t seeing anything setup on a five minute chart, take a peak at a 15 minute or even an hourly chart. Seek where price is going and where a trade may occur. If you find something with potential, set an alert so you don’t have to stare at the screen all day. This alert will allow you to come back and start looking again. Set several alerts if you have to. By walking away or not trading during the doldrums will again save your account in the long run.

Rule #4 – Look at other Assets to Move
If you are a strong EURUSD trader, it may be time to take a peak at some of the other currencies. Looking at the GBPJPY is a whole other game. You may not take a trade on this pair as well, but you can at least learn price action on another asset. You may even want to load up or add some stock symbols to your Metatrader account. You can then start watching stocks move though out the day.

Remember, big, smooth moves won’t occur everyday. A lot of trading comes down to discipline and avoiding the bad trades. If you can find the best trades and avoid the duds, your Binary Options Account will be much happier the next day when trading does pick up again. These boring days don’t go on for long stretches. Please be patient.

Trade with the Best Binary Options Robot